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The four Scottish Bands in full regalia opened and closed the 2023 Maine Highland Games

Fall 2023 News Item: Tartan!  Tartan is a very expensive, fine wool fabric, yet Scottish wearables make extraordinary family heirlooms. We have started a waiting list for tartan in preparation for placing an order in 2024.  Once we have enough interest, we will contact you for payment. To get on the waiting list, please fill out this interest survey

The Greenlaw Family Association(GFA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization registered in the State of Maine since 2004. 

Most Greenlaw descendants in North America are descended from William and Jane Greenlaw who came to the New World aboard the brig "Dolphin" from Greenoch Scotland in 1753, yet there is another North American branch known as the "Southern Greenlaws." We welcome all Greenlaw descendants, and others with an interest in Greenlaw genealogy. Please go to our membership page for further information about joining.

A Greenlaw reunion is held every three years, alternating between the U.S. and Canada. The next reunion will take place the summer of 2026 in Canada, most like in the province of New Brunswick.  

The purposes of the Association, as stated in the organization's by-laws, are:

§ To conduct, support, and promote research and study of the genealogy and history of the Greenlaw Family;

§ To preserve the heritage of the Greenlaw Family;

§ To promote awareness of family genealogy, history, and heritage among the members of the Greenlaw Family;

§ To strengthen and promote fellowship and kinship among Greenlaws and extended family through reunions, educational program, and related activities; and

§ To publish and distribute periodic newsletters and other material relating to the heritage of the Greenlaw Family.